The Vino Nobile Grappa “Il Molinaccio Riserva” obtains the “Silver Medal” at the Alambicco d’oro

A few days ago the 37th edition of the “Alambicco d’oro” was held by the Anag Association, “Associazione Nazionale Assaggiatori Grappa ed Acquaviti”, also sponsored by AssoDistil. The important prize proposes a formula open to Grappas, Grape Distillates and Brandies from all over Italy.

All products were judged strictly anonymous by “patented” Anag tasters at the end of the second level courses.

Our Vino Nobile Grappa “Il Molinaccio Riserva” has won the prestigious “Silver Medal” in the “Aged Grappa” category.

Thanks to the numerous appreciations received from our customers, our distillate had already given the idea of being able to be talked about. This competition gave us the opportunity to see confirmed a work that we have been carrying out for some years with the aim of creating a recognizable product and a marked identity.

The results of the competition are shown in the following link:


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