The Pool, the Water, the Salt and the Sun

Besides the big oak, on a small hill there is our swimming pool. Roughly here there was the channel bringing the water from the spring to  the watermill where the big round stone, still visible around the garden, grinded the grains


The infinity pool is a special place where to rest and listen to the sound of nature , perhaps drinking a cup of our Wine or Grappa or Finocchiaccio or practice swimming, It is quite big, 15mt long and 5 mt wide.

casale2gra - Copia

The Roman stair allows an easy access to the water by the old and very young  guests.

We want to give you a special experience and we think that using salt and not chlorine to clean the pool is part of it.

The saline cleaning system

There are  only a few of them in Tuscany . It allow us to keep it free of the chemicals used  to clean the water. It helps you keep the tan you’ re getting on vacation and reduce significantly the red eyes effect of normal pools. The skin appreciates it too! The water is slightly salty and this helps you float easily .No algae around with green lines on the bottom or along the walls of the pool. We use the Volterra’s  Salt. Since Etruscan times, evaporated salt has been extracted from the vacuum salt plant of Volterra. This is a type of salt which comes from underground deposits which have existed for six million years. Once refined, this salt becomes very fine and highly pure, with a NaCl content of 99.7%.

Recycling the water

We change the water once a year  and roughly a 3% every week. The water is collected in a special tank and once fully sanitized it  is reused either  for the pool or for our orchard and lawns , reducing to a minimum  the water discharged.

All the water used at Il Molinaccio  comes from our well, including the one you drink from the tap, after being properly treated.

The Sun

It gives the energy to us all,  from trees to lamps!  Most of the electric needs of the farm are covered by our photovoltaic plant on top  of the parking  roof.